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CADS – Ski Day

On Jan. 28, 2018, the weather and conditions were perfect for our 13th annual ski day! Without the volunteers from all different ski hills this day would not be possible. So Thankyou!

Christine Drouillard – A carpet took me to the top of the hill. It was good. I do not know how many times I fell but I still had fun!

Jennifer Roche – I had a blast! I went down the hill like a speed demon in a sit ski! A sit ski is like a toboggan you sit inside with skis. Ben and Collin helped me on the chair lift. They skied behind me holding tethers that held me up and steered me. I was Hooping and Hollering!

Janice Rozycki – I went skiing at the Calabogie Peaks. A Volunteer helped me ski. He held onto a strap that went around my waist to help me steer and kept me from going to fast. The weather was great, the sun was shining. I had a great time; they fed us a good lunch and gave us prizes after lunch.

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