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2018 World Tour the Harlem Globetrotters

On Saturday April 7th Nicole Riopelle and I left Renfrew around noon to head to Ottawa to see The Harlem Globetrotters. There was a lot of laughing cause its basket ball done with humour. The players were always finding ways to make everyone laugh. Two of the players jumped up and sat in the net. There was a player with such a head of hair like when people say they have big hair this guy had BIG hair like Afro hair. This player’s name was Moose he was the one with the mic. But there were some moments it was not so great. Cause we went to buy stuff to take home was stressful to get to cause we had to go all the way down to the main floor and that was not easy to do cause we had to keep walking around the building being told we could not go down but then we got told we were in the wrong place and to go back to where we were. We went up and down a few times when one of the guards came and said you may not be on this floor without a guard so you will have to wait so we went back to watch the first half of the game. Then came back down to try buying stuff again so when we came back down they had six guards to take me and Nicole down to the floor to buy something. I bought a Globetrotter ball. And even with all the walking around we did we got shown where the Ottawa Senators hockey players come out on the ice. It was super cool cause it was a door that looked like a wall. Then we went to head home but made a stop at my favorite store at Chapters to pick up a book then got all the way home and noticed I bought the wrong book. But it was a great day.

By Amanda Curry

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